skilled photographer, expert retoucher, versitile editor,
printing enthusiast, & PASSIONATE EDUCATOR.

Much of what Amanda has learned and accomplished comes from her desire to create art. She's mastered Photoshop and Lightroom, and is proficient in InDesign, Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Audacity. She believes in the value of printing, and is well-versed in editing for optimal print quality and screen-to-print color management. While working as a Photography and New Media Studio Assistant and Freelance Photography Tutor in Colorado, Amanda refined her ability to teach photo editing and digital asset management to students of diverse backgrounds. Most of all, Amanda is passionate about listening, interpreting, and communicating through all forms of media. Below are some examples of her experience and work.

Amanda has six years of experience as a freelance photographer, specializing in (but not limited to) portraiture. In addition to working for individual clients, she has extensive experience working with larger organizations during her time as the primary photographer for Reinvent PHX. While working with Arizona State University, the City of Phoenix, and St. Luke's Health Initiative,  Amanda understands the importance of collaboration and works hard to meet deadlines and exceed expectations. As a personal portrait photographer, she knows how to make her clients feel comfortable while still maintaining a professional environment to achieve creative and aesthetic goals. 




Amanda's sense of design is influenced by a combination of typography, photography, and color. She's designed graphics for personal projects and organizations with both print and the web in mind. She especially enjoys creating layouts for handmade books in Adobe InDesign and working on smaller projects intended for social media. Below are examples of her work. 

Original logo design for BitterSweet Arts & Crafts (2016)

Promotional graphic for "Between Mountains" 

Original logo design for Blink AZ (2016)

Promotional graphic created for Blink AZ's Instagram account (2016)

Class logo created for The Photographer's Eye at Anderson Ranch (2015)

Exhibition poster design. image courtesy of Ashley Britt (2015)

Minor Review: Call for Work (2013)

There are few things as satisfying as taking hours of footage, figuring out what is important, and editing it into a concise, finished piece. While studying digital culture at ASU, Amanda filled her schedule with courses that focused on non-linear video editing, audio editing, and sequencing. Through her Young Mothers project, she put her knowledg to the test by incorporating recorded interviews with twelve participants into her gallery exhibition. Working with oral stories that ranged from 15 minutes to an hour, she was challenged to shorten each woman's interview to just under 2 minutes. She later decided to push herself further by adding visuals from the project and incorporating text. She is very comfortable with Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, and is making the transition to Adobe Premier. To see some more examples of video, please take a look at her Vimeo page

During the a trip to Best Buy at the age of 12, Amanda convinced her grandparents to purchase a copy of Photoshop Elements 3, and she's been fascinated with editing ever since. Though her introduction to retouching was a self-taught, she has since refined her skills during her time at ASU. Making the switch from digital to medium and large format film in 2013, Amanda pushed her skills to their limits while working with dust-ridden scans, color imperfections caused by light leaks, and even severe chemical stains. When she's not working in Lightroom, she utilizes none-destructive layer editing in Photoshop to ensure that the original file is never out of reach. She knows advanced compositing, masking, spot healing, and high-pass sharpening methods to maintain complete control of her edits and take images to the next level. Clients include university professors, professional photographers, and individuals looking for someone to help them realize their photographs' potential. Check out the gallery below for examples of her retouching work. 

Amanda doesn't feel like the photographic process is complete until she sees the image on paper. Because of this, she works hard to perfect the art of digital inkjet printing. She knows that the first step to a great print is a color calibrated monitor, and loves to make original ICC paper profiles. Even when she doesn't have access to all of the right equipment, she can still produce a fantastic piece with some test sheets and a sensitive eye for color. She has an Epson Stylus Pro 3880 in her studio, but has also worked with large format printers such as the Epson 9800, 9880, and 9890. She produced exhibition-ready prints for her own practice as well as other photographers.  

Amanda has helped students learn everything from iPhone photography to advanced editing techniques in Photoshop. She believes that teaching is the truest test of her own knowledge, and she is passionate about helping others grow as artists. Whether it is in a classroom or in someone's home, she feels comfortable and confident that she can provide a learning experience that caters to the needs of each client. She enjoys helping students learn new editing skills and printing, and is always ready to teach proper file organization and backup methods to protect precious memories. 

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