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Veronica, Antonio, Katherine, Margo, and Joyce

What's your name and why are you marching?

I’m Veronica Williams because we all have the right to do what we want to do in live. And this is my friend Antonio C. and he does everything he believes is right and he goes to wherever he knows he’s needed. 

My name is Katherine Castaneda and I’m here because I think every person has the right to be who they want to be without being oppressed to who they are and what they do.

 My name is Margo and I believe that everyone has the right to be whatever they want to be. 

My name is Joyce and I believe that the new generation coming up, all children, deserve a clean environment and a whole, healthy earth. And people with money are destroying it with greed. And especially with our indigenous people — if they discover oil or gold or uranium, they shove them off, as if they weren’t even there. And they are U.S. citizens.

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Chris (Phoenix Women's March)

What's your name and why are you marching?

"My name is Chris and my reason for being here is I don't think Trump represents the majority of Americans, and his cabinet doesn't represent the majority of Americans. They're very radical, and we need to take the government back from people like that."

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Queen Zee (Phoenix Women's March)

What's your name and why are you marching? 

"I'm Zee, or the Queen Zee. I am a South African American representative, and I feel that the great land of America is going down in flame, and I think it's important that, just like in the Titanic, somebody took time to play music as the ship was going down. I think that that's my duty here in society today, because there's a lot of young women, you know I mean, that aren't informed, aren't educated, and I think that what we're, us all women, and men and women are here today today is a great representation, and I feel like all of us across the world, we're marching, we're protesting, but what really is that gonna do? That's what John Lewis said to those young brothers down there in Miami, that what is all this marching, and hooting and hollering really gonna do?

I mean it's great, it's cute, and even my people back home in South Africa are marching and protesting today, but the problem with that is, we've gotta do something a little different. We've gotta do something a little stronger. And like I said, my real duty here is to play the national anthem 45 times in a row for our fine 45th president. So, again, that is what I'm here to do today."

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Daniel, Angela, and Beatrice (Phoenix Women's March)

What's your name and why are you marching?

"My name is Daniel. I'm nine."

"My name is Angela, and I'm here because I believe you have to stand up for what you believe in, and sitting at home isn't going to do much, instead of coming out and actually doing something about it." 

"My name is Beatrice, and I believe that everyone needs to know what's going on, and we need to do something about it."

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The Brooks Family (Phoenix Women's March)

What's your name and why are you marching? 

"My name is Borough Brooks, and healthcare before warfare."

"Karen Brooks. I'm protesting for women everywhere. I've been doing it for about 50 years. I'm not about to stop now."

"Sarah Dickson and this is my daughter Hannah Dickson, and we're here for women."

"Serena Kilby and I'm here for all women and men really too, cause they need us."

"Do you want to say something? Say hi Hanna. No? Are you Wonder Woman? Okay, she's Wonder Woman."

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Danielle and Laurie (Phoenix Women's March)

What's your name and why are you here? 

"My name is Laurie, and I'm here with my daughter today because we have unfinished business. My husband asked me today if this was about Trump, and I said it's not about him. It has nothing to do with him. This is about women in the 70s who didn't get equality. This is about women in the 1900s who were fighting to get the right to vote. This is about Rosie the Riveter that won the damn war for this country and then was sent back into the kitchen. This is about every woman and all the people in this country who need to see the fight for equality."

"Danielle, and I'm here today for a multitude of reasons. First which, just to stand in solidarity with other women. I think we're in a new wave of feminism and we really have to stand together, and then yeah, just in general, I don't think it's a legitimate presidency for a multitude of reasons and additions, so just here to stand together with everyone out here who wants a better future."

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Kathy and Marcus (Phoenix Women's March)

What's your name and why are you marching? 

"My name is Marcus Raul Guthrie, and I'm here as a transgendered male who's 43 years old. I was a lesbian for 41 years, and here for women's rights and all people's rights, and I'm here with my wife. I don't know, this is just amazing and I'm so glad to be here, and be able to support kindness and humanity."

"My name is Kathy and I'm here to stand up for all human rights."

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Leah (Phoenix Women's March)

What's your name and why are you marching? 

"My name is Leah, and I'm here today because I think what we're facing today in the United States is about more than blue or red, more than democrat or republican. It's about standing up for basic human dignity, not just of women but of all the many groups that Trump has disrespected."

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Lucy, Axle, Adam, Samuel, and Cree (Phoenix Women's March)

What's your name and why are you marching?

"My name is Lucy Vargas and I'm here because environmental work and taking care of mother Earth is very important, and we believe it's important for everyone to know, and especially our families of color, because we are the ones that are being mostly effected. I also think it's very important to have our Latino youth to come out and support this very important issue, just like many others that are out here."

"My name is Axle Vargas and I'm here because I think environmental justice is an important thing. Climate change needs to stop, and I think we all need to take care of the environment for our future families and generations."

"My name is Adam Moreno and I just want to be here because I support women's rights. Then, like since Don Trump is presidency there's gonna be a lot of hate so we need to stand up." 

My name is Samuel Martinez, and I'm here because there's a lot of issues going on, especially today in the world. One, us being here today on a women's march, but I'm also here talking about how the environment does effect the people, and it effects everyone. There's a lot of issues, and not just one issue at a time, and that always comes together.

"I'm Cree Flores, and I believe every should have equal rights, and every should be peaceful, so that's why I came here." 

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Katie, Ms. Annie Beech, and Joelle (Phoenix Women's March)

What's your name and why are you marching?

"My name is Katie, and I am here because I want to stand up for what's right in a time when scary things are happening."

"Hi, I'm Ms. Annie Beech, and I'm here because I want to support everybody's rights, and I want love to prevail over everything."

"My name is Joelle, and I'm here because I believe that if something is wrong you have to go out there and be the action, do something about it. So, that's why I'm here."


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Holly, Heather, Ingrid, & Kimberly (Phoenix Women's March)

What's your name and why are you marching?

"Hi, I'm Heather and I can't expect other people to fight for my rights while I sit back, so I'm fighting for my rights and for the rights of all women and men."

"I'm Holly, and first and foremost I'm here to protest the Trump administration, but I'm also here in support of my rights, and the rights of everyone else in our country."

"Hi, I'm Ingrid, and I'm here to protest Donald Trump, who's a fascist and authoritarian, and I'm here to support the rights of my sisters and everyone else in this country."

"My name is Kimberly Ward. I am here to make sure that all humans have equal rights, especially women."

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Nicole (Phoenix Women's March)

Question: What's Your name and why are you marching?

"My name's Nicole Marrero. I'm here marching because of the atrocity that happened yesterday allowing president Trump to be inaugurated, and we're gonna fight for the next four years, because this is unacceptable that someone like that is in office, and I'm just here for support."

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Nadia, Charlie, Rob, & Lauren (Phoenix Women's March)

Question: What's your name, and why are you marching? 

"Loren Thorton. I'm here to stand with other women, and those who support women."

"My name is Nadia Syed. I'm here because I feel like this is a fundamental violation of so many people's rights, and I think that it's beautiful that we're all here together, and here to fight for each other more than anything else."

"Rob Wadsworth. I'm here to support all the ladies, and everyone else in the United States."

"Charlie Sanito. I'm here to support women's rights."


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